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Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) is a leading private business school in India renowned for premier education in business management, with research and industry partnerships placed on high priority.
JGBS offers a multidisciplinary global business education to foster academic excellence through industry partnerships and global collaborations. JGBS seeks to make an impact through its various degree programmes, executive education, research and consulting. A globally focused faculty deliver globally relevant courses and curriculum, strengthened with global research and collaborations. 


In pursuit of its vision, JGBS will do the following:

  • Create impactful intellectual contributions.
  • Impart interdisciplinary, experiential, and value-based learning.
  • Create future-ready professionals.
  • Promote a global outlook


The core values of Jindal Global Business School align with those of JGU and are as follows:

  • Focus on methods, outcomes, and impact
  • Academic freedom
  • Ethical practices
  • Pluralism and diversity
  • Collegiality and teamwork
  • Transparency and accountability

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