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Roy, Finita G.



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  • Dr. Finita Roy is an Associate Professor at the Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences. She teaches primarily in the Rehabilitation Program. Her experience in education spans over 21 years. She started her career as an Associate professor at the PG and Research Institute of Rehabilitation Science in Holy Cross College, Tiruchirapalli, where she designed and delivered special education courses for undergraduate and graduate levels. She developed engaging and inclusive curricula covering hearing impairment, learning disabilities, assessment and intervention, educational psychology, inclusive education, and special education policies. Dr. Roy adopted innovative teaching methods to ensure that her students comprehensively understood the field. She also supervised and guided graduate students with their master’s and doctoral research in special education.
    Dr. Roy was also a practicing educational psychologist for eight years. She provided emotional, social, developmental, and behavioral services to a diverse population of students and families through individual and small-group counseling, social groups, and classroom guidance lessons.

    As a committed professional, Dr. Roy consistently seeks opportunities for her professional development. She attends conferences, workshops, and seminars on special education and learning disabilities to stay updated with the latest research and best practices. She also conducts “21st-century skills” training programs for teachers and students, which fostered personal growth, enhanced communication, and developed leadership qualities. The positive outcomes of the program were reflected in the improved teacher-student relationships, a collaborative learning environment, and increased self-confidence among participants.

research overview

  • Dr. Roy has developed her expertise in supporting individuals with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders by working in various settings. Through these experiences, she has gained a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding caring for individuals with multifaceted needs. Her research interests focus on the underlying cognitive, neurobiological, and socio-emotional factors associated with high-incidence disabilities. She also explores effective interventions and accommodations to support individuals with high-incidence disabilities in general education and inclusive classrooms.

    Early in her career, Dr. Roy was a research fellow for the UGC-sponsored project on “Effectiveness of Adaptive Academic Approach for Primary School Children with Learning Disability in Schools in Tiruchirapalli” from 2005 to 2007. Additionally, during her career, she has also supervised the research work of a Ph.D. scholar. The manuscript of the scholar’s dissertation work is published in the Iranian Journal of Child Neurology.

full name

  • Finita G Roy

primary email

  • finita.roy[@]jgu[dot]edu[dot]in