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Mishra, Yogesh



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  • Dr. Yogesh Mishra has an interdisciplinary background that includes studies in information technology, development studies, and sociology. After completing his graduation, Yogesh worked in financial services for five years. Then resuming his passion for academics, Yogesh joined IIT Guwahati and earned his master’s degree in Development Studies. As a doctoral student at IISER Mohali, Yogesh’s research focused on the mundane, prosaic, and ordinary aspects of a ‘normal’ routine in a conflict zone.


    Yogesh has worked as a research fellow at IIT Delhi and the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. For his postdoctoral research at IIT Delhi, in collaboration with Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and Leigh University USA, Yogesh focused on partnerships between different types of civil society organizations with varying forms of power and capacities in a broader context of Indian civil society. Yogesh was also a part of an international research team collaboration between the University of Neuchâtel and University College London on Indian and South African smart cities. 


    Yogesh’s research interests lie in the sociology of everyday life, ethnographies of violence, feminist research methods, and political geography. Drifting between spaces marked with attributes like rural, urban, private/public, contested, etc., he pays attention to the mundane aspects of daily life to understand the struggles and negotiations hidden beneath the apparent routine.

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  • Yogesh Mishra

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  • yogesh.mishra@jgu.edu.in