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Damodaran, Nikhil



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  • Dr. Nikhil joined the Jindal School of Government and Public Policy as an Assistant Professor in fall 2018. His primary field of research is Open Economy Macroeconomics. He uses structural models to analyze the effectiveness of various macroeconomic policies in stimulating recovery. He has worked on the effect of fiscal shocks in determining the magnitude and direction of trade in large interlinked open economies.

    His current projects include an examination of fiscal policies in currency unions, the effect of digitization in a shadow economy model and sectoral policy transmissions. He is also interested in fiscal aspects of sovereign debt in emerging economies.

    He enjoys teaching Macroeconomics, International Trade and Monetary Economics. He completed his Ph.D. from the Louisiana State University in summer 2018.

research overview

  • My research focuses on the transmission of economic policy across open economies. I examine transmission in a variety of settings. I analyze regional economies which form a part of fiscal union in my paper “Fiscal Policy and Transmission: The Case of India’s States”, which is currently under review. I also look at the transmission of fiscal policies for the Eurozone in my paper “Trade Transmission of Fiscal Policies in a Currency Union”. I am broadly interested in the effect of policy transmission for these regions mainly due to their vast interdependence, which makes policymaking a strategic and consequential exercise for these regions andtions to supra-regional economic performance. In a similar spirit, I examine the transmission of Demonetization shock on the Indian economy in the paper “Consumer Payment Choice and the Heterogeneous Impact of India’s Demonetization”, in which we look at the disaggregate effects of India’s demonetization through short payment choices for consumers. This is mainly the regional transmission of this monetary shock.

teaching overview

  • He teaches Macroeconomics I and II, International Trade, Mathematical Methods for Economics, and Statistics II, all of which are compulsory courses for BA. (Hons) Economics at O.P. Jindal Global University.

full name

  • Nikhil Damodaran

primary email

  • ndamodaran[@]jgu[dot]edu[dot]in