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Dalwai, Sameena



  • Prof. (Dr.) Dalwai specializes in gender, sexuality and law. Her PhD thesis analyses the legal ban on dancing in the bars of Mumbai. In this work she focuses on sexuality and law during globalisation in India with a specific reference to caste capital of hereditary dancers. She has published in international journals, offered conference papers in many international conferences. Ms. Dalwai has worked as a lawyer with human rights organisations in Mumbai as well as health NGOs in rural Maharashtra. She envisioned and heads Development and Human Rights Institute (www.dhri.org ) a human rights education and exposure programme for students of western universities. Ms. Dalwai is a Research Consultant with Manndeshi Mahila Bank, where she is assisting research on financial inclusion of rural poor communities. She is a bi-linguial writer and her fortnightly column published in Marathi is called, “No Taboo Please”.

research overview

  • Her area of research is Caste, gender and law, Erotic labour, sexuality and law, Cultural politics, Identity politics, Law and society in colonial and post-colonial India.

full name

  • Sameena Dalwai

primary email

  • sdalwai[@]jgu[dot]edu[dot]in