• Dr. Giljae Ahn believes that architecture is the field where the use of new technologies and applying to the real world should be studied together. He aims to study the application methods of architectural design and construction through a combination of ICT technologies such as 3D Scan, Rapid prototyping, Drone.
    He obtained a Ph.D. from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Doctor Thesis is about the urban green composition of the metropolitan area in Tokyo, Japan from the architectural scale to the urban scale using direct sensing to remote sensing.
    He has taught the Graduate School of Techno-design Kookmin University(S.Korea) as Assistant Professor) prior to JGU
    His interests range from architectural design to urban green networks, Sustainable Technologies, and Architectural-ICT applications.
    He enjoys finding new ideas and research themes in actively using IT gadgets in his daily life.

full name

  • Kiljae Ahn

primary email

  • kiljae[@]jgu[dot]edu[dot]in