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Shreekant, Shreya



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  • Shreya Shreekant has completed her B.A. LL.B (Hons.) from Gujarat National Law University and proceeded to pursue her LLM from Queen Mary University of London in the field of Intellectual Property Law. Post her graduation from GNLU, she was a legal assistant to Retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Dr. Mukundakam Sharma with whom she worked for almost a year before applying for her LLM in IPR. As a legal assistant to the arbitrator, she had aided him with drafting of awards for various legal matters as well as assisted the arbitrator with legal research on disputes pertaining to contractual and arbitration law issues, including power to refer parties to arbitration, interim measures ordered by arbitral tribunals, recourse against arbitral awards, and enforcement of such awards.

    As a post graduate student of intellectual property laws, she has researched and written on the 2019 European Union Copyright Directive as well as role of intermediaries in the digital world.

research overview

  • Her areas of interest are trademark, copyright and patent laws, in which she hopes to pursue her research and teaching.

full name

  • Shreya Shreekant

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  • sshreekant@jgu.edu.in
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