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Gupta, Divya



  • After having pursued the degree of Economics (Hons.) from University of Delhi, Divya did masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. Consequently, she recently submitted her PhD thesis in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. Her thesis is titled “Public Policies for Gender Equality and Child-Care”. The thesis focusses on evaluation of effectiveness of government’s gender-related schemes and policies, in the context of developing country like India. Based on own data collected from primary survey in rural Rajasthan, the thesis also analyses the efficiency and effectiveness of public institutions in providing stated public policies. She has presented her research at various national and international conferences and workshops. In addition to her academic interests, Divya like to dance and play sports. Divya is a graduate in the Indian classical dance form, Kathak.

research overview

  • Her research interests lie in the areas of development economics, economics of gender, public economics and economics of education.

full name

  • Divya Gupta

primary email

  • divyagupta[@]jgu[dot]edu[dot]in