• Dr Sudip Patra is  working as Associate Professor at JSGP, and is a founding member of CEASP (complexity economics, applied spirituality and public policy research center). Sudip has earned his PhD in mathematical modelling in Finance from University of Glasgow, Scotland, with a prior Physics background. His research works are in emerging fields of quantum-like modelling, complexity economics and quantum foundations. Sudip has been invited or visitor in different prestigious institutes, for example IIT Bombay, Aston University, UK, Chengmai University, Thailand. Sudip is collaborating with pioneering Scientists (Menas Kafatos, Stuart Kauffman or Partha Ghose) in above mentioned research fields. At JSGP Sudip is also associated with the Policy Lab.

    Sudip has also done associate fellowship in higher education, UK, and his teaching responsibilities are in the areas of complexity economics, behavioral economics, Indian economic analysis, provided across bachelors, masters and graduate levels.
    Dr Patra is now involved in some projects related to quantum-like framework in decision science, and in quantum foundations. A book project with eminent Indian Scientist Professor Partha Ghose is developing, where a new framework of decision-making is built, which the authors call Hilbert space modelling of cognition. This framework is based on philosophical principles, namely, Contextuality creating realities, ontological uncertainty in cognition, and entanglement like structures in cognition. The mathematical language is based on quantum science, but there are foundational differences also, for example, there is no need for a physical quantization rule, or the use of Plank’s constant, which is at the heart of quantum mechanics. The book project is estimated to be finished by a couple of months.  Sudip is working with Scientist Menas Kafatos in the direction of quantum foundations, where they jointly explore a world view they call ‘quantum-like’ reality, where broader philosophical principles are at the base, and there might be deep interlinkages between different disciplines. With Complexity Scientist Stuart Kauffman, Sudip has proposed a testable theory of emergence of classical world. 

teaching overview

  • His teaching responsibilities are in complexity economics, behavioural economics, and Indian economic analysis, provided across bachelor's, masters and graduate levels.

full name

  • Sudip Patra

primary email

  • spatra[@]jgu[dot]edu[dot]in