• Prof. Komal Sahai received her bachelor's degree in economics from Miranda House and her master's degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. Her research areas lie at the intersection of Economics of Education and the Economics of Identity. She is interested in the interdependence of educational outcomes (performance, subject choices, parental education) and identity-related variables (gender, caste, caste networks, inter-caste marriages, and untouchability). 

research overview

  • Her research areas include Economics of Education, Identity Economics, and Development Economics. My recent paper conducts an in-depth study on the gendered pattern of stream choices of students in India. Using data on multiple cohorts of students under the country's most significant national education board, the Central Board of Secondary Education, we establish and subsequently decompose the gender gap in the take-up of various subjects in Indian schools. I use the same dataset to study caste peer effects in the third chapter of my thesis.

teaching overview

  • At JSGP, she teaches Game Theory and Statistics.

full name

  • Komal Sahai

primary email

  • ksahai[@]jgu[dot]edu[dot]in