• Dr. Nitika Kumar is a PhD from Department of Psychology, University of Delhi. Her Bachelors and Master’s degree in psychology have been awarded by Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi with distinction.She is currently employed as an Assistant Professor at Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling at O.P Jindal Global University. She has over ten years of experience in seeing clients with various concerns including anxiety, relationship and intimacy issues and so on. She has over three years of teaching experience with college undergraduates and post graduates.

research overview

  • Dr. Kumar has had over eight years of research experience in analytical psychology where she has worked on independently published papers as well as supervised dissertations in this area. Other than that, she has mentored several graduate and post graduate research students in the past culminating in several publications in diverse areas other than her primary interest of Jungian psychology.Dr. Kumar has also been a member of research programs carried out for independent agencies in her previous organizations. Her papers authored area of analytical psychology have received several accolades from Ahmedabad Jung Centre, a developing group of the IAAP where she continues to participate actively in several research and academic endeavors.

teaching overview

  • Dr. Kumar has over three years of teaching experience with several papers in psychology discipline including life span development, personality psychology, psychometric testing, cultural psychology, research and ethics, professional development and many more. She has taught at graduate as well as post graduate level and has also led several academic and professional workshops for psychology students and teenagers.She has been instrumental in designing and conducting certificate courses on Introduction to dream analysis and Jungian Therapeutic techniques in the past.

full name

  • Nitika Kumar

primary email

  • nitika.kumar@jgu.edu.in