• Mr. Shivaraj is an Assistant Professor at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed to be a University). He holds an LLM (with First Rank and a Gold Medal) from Karnataka State Law University and a BALLB from Karnataka University Dharwad. Before joining JGLS, Mr. Shivaraj worked as a tutor at the School of Law, Durham University (UK). He also worked as a Research Fellow at the National Judicial Academy of India, Bhopal for over three years, where he designed and delivered over 20 judicial training programmes in the form of conferences, workshops, and retreats for various levels of judges from India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.


    Mr. Shivaraj’s PhD research foregrounds the implications of judicial conduct regulation regimes on judicial independence and accountability in India and the UK. It examines “judicial independence” and “judicial accountability” from a regulatory perspective. Publications emerging from his PhD research emphasise that judicial conduct regulation regimes should adequately emphasise all three facets of judicial independence: individual, internal, and institutional. In this respect, as his research demonstrates, the regulatory regimes in India undermine individual and internal judicial independence. Whereas the regulatory regimes in the UK, despite recent reforms, underemphasize internal judicial independence. Mr. Shivaraj also has publications on the contemporary problems facing the Indian judiciary, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and the principles of natural justice.

teaching overview

  • I have nine years of teaching experience in higher education. For the last four years, I am working as a part-time tutor at Durham Law School, besides my full-time PhD course. I have spent five years teaching undergraduate and postgraduate law students in India on various modules briefly detailed below. As a part-time tutor at Durham Law School, I have already taught UK Constitutional Law, Tort Law and Contract Law modules, going forward, I am confident that along with these foundation modules, I can also teach advanced issues in areas of public law, comparative constitutional law and the human rights. At Durham Law School, my senior peers have assessed my teaching sessions as ‘effective’, ‘very clear’ and ‘in-depth’

full name

  • Shivaraj Huchhanavar

primary email

  • shivaraj.huchhanavar[@]jgu[dot]edu[dot]in